Colin Reid

Assistant Professor

School of Health and Exercise Sciences, Social Work
Other Titles: Acting Director, School of Social Work

Graduate student supervisor

Research Interests & Projects

  • Quality of care and outcomes for institutionalized seniors with dementia
  • Health services research with a focus on seniors populations
  • Health and seniors in rural area
  • Gerontological care transitions

Selected Publications & Presentations

Reid, R. C., Cummings, G.E., Cooper, S.L.,  Abel, S.L., Bissell, L.J.L., Estabrooks, C.A., Rowe, B.H., Wagg, A.,  Norton, P., Ertel, M.,  & Cummings, G.G. (2013).  The Older Persons’ Transitions in Care (OPTIC)  Study: Pilot Testing of the Transition Tracking Tool.  BMC Health Services Research, 13, 515.  doi:10.1186/1472-6963-13-515

Chappell. N. L., Kadlec, H., & Reid, R. C. (2013). Change and Predictors of Change in Social Skills of Nursing Home Residents With Dementia. American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease & Other Dementias. Published online 27 October 2013. DOI: 10.1177/1533317513505129

Cummings, G.G, Reid, R.C., Estabrooks, C.A., Norton, P.G., Cummings, G.E., Rowe, B., Abel,, S., Bissell, L., Bottorff, J., Robinson, C.A., Wagg, A., Lee, J., Lynch, S., Masaoud, E. (2012). Older Persons’ Transition in Care (OPTIC): A study protocol. BMC Geriatrics. 12:75.

Robinson, C. A., Bottorff, J. L., Lilly, M., Reid, R. C., Abel, S., Lo, M., Lee, J., & Cummings, G. (2012) Stakeholder perspectives on transitions of nursing home residents to hospital emergency departments and back in two Canadian provinces. Journal of Aging Studies, 26, 419-427

Reid, R. C., Stajduhar, K. I., & Chappell, N. L. (2010). The impact of work interferences on family caregiver outcomes. Journal of Applied Gerontology, 29, 267-289.

Robinson, C. A., Reid, R. C., & Smith, H. A. (2010). A home away from home: the meaning of home according to families of residents with dementia. Dementia: The International Journal of Social Research and Practice, 9, 490-508.

Reid, R. C. (2008). Quality of care and mortality among long-term care residents with dementia. Canadian Studies in Population, 35, 50-72.

Reid, R.C., Chappell, N. L., & Gish, J.A. (2007). Measuring family perceived involvement in individualized long-term care. Dementia: The International Journal of Social Research and Practice, 6, 89-104.

Allan, D., Stajduhar, K., & Reid, R.C. (2005). The uses of provincial administrative health databases for research on palliative care: Insights from British Columbia, Canada. BMC Palliative Care, 4.

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Reid, R. C., & Chappell, N. L. (2000). Accuracy of staff assessments in research: Dementia and environmental characteristics. Journal of Mental Health and Aging, 6, 237-248.

Chappell, N. L., & Reid, R. C. (2000). Dimensions of care for dementia sufferers in long-term care: Are they related to outcomes? Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences, 55B, S234-S244.


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