Michelle Smith

Adjunct Professor

School of Health and Exercise Sciences
Email: michelle.smith@ubc.ca


Michelle is the Regional Project Coordinator (Interior Health and Acting Fraser Health regions) for the Translating Research in Elder Care (TREC) research program, based at the University of Alberta. TREC is an extensive pan Canadian longitudinal program of research focused on quality of life and care for both seniors and the staff that care for them. She manages regional aspects of TREC research including, multi phases of data collection, program implementation and quality improvement initiatives with integrated knowledge translation. Michelle is a Clinical Research Coordinator based in the Clinical Research Department, Interior Health. This role extends across the health region in various clinical, academic and community based health research projects.
In previous roles, Michelle has been involved in research at UBC in areas of health behaviour, health promotion, health services, rural/remote, Seniors’ health, caregiver burden, long term care, cultural safety and Indigenous health; Southern Cross University and Griffith University in areas of public health and communicable diseases, including neglected tropical diseases and Australian Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander communities; the University of Alberta in cognitive psychology; the BC Cancer Agency in areas of health promotion and cancer prevention; and UNBC, in areas of developmental and health psychology.


Cert III VA, TAFE North Coast Institute, Australia
MSc Health Promotion/Psychology, University of Alberta, Canada
BSc, Biological Psychology/Medical Anthropology, University of Northern British Columbia, Canada

Research Interests & Projects

Seniors’ Quality of Life & Care, Family and Staff Caregiver Burden/Quality of LIfe, Assisted Living and Long Term Care
Indigenous Health, Cultural Safety
Chronic Disease, Communicable Disease
Clinical Research, Health Services Research, Community Based Research
Health Promotion, Integrated Knowledge Translation

Selected Publications & Presentations

Miller, A., Young, E.L., Tye, V., Cody, R., Muscat, M., Saunders, V., Smith, M.L., Judd, J.A., Speare, R. (2018). A community-directed integrated Strongyloides control program in Queensland, Australia. Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease. 3(48). doi: 10.3390/tropicalmed3020048
Miller, A., Smith, M.L., Judd, J.A., Speare, R. (2018). Policy Implications for controlling communicable diseases in Indigenous communities: Case of Strongyloidiasis in Australia. Aboriginal Policy Studies. 7(1): 148-179. doi: 10.5663/aps.v7i1.28898
Hole, R., Evans, M., Berg, L., Bottorff, J., Dingwall, C., Alexis, C., Nyberg, J., & Smith, M.L. (2015).Visibility and Voice: Aboriginal People Experience Culturally Safe and Unsafe Health Care. Qualitative Health Research. Jan 12. pii: 1049732314566325
Miller, A., Smith, M.L., Judd, J.A., Speare, R. (2014). Strongyloides stercoralis: systematic review of barriers to controlling strongyloidiasis for Australian Indigenous communities. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases. 8(9): e3141. doi: 10.1371/journal.pntd.0003141.
Baillie, L., Callaghan, D., Smith, M. (2012). A review of undergraduate university tobacco control policy process in Canada. In J. O’Dea (Ed.), Current Issues and Controversies in School and Community Health, Sport and Physical Education (pp.131-140). New York, NY: Nova Science.
Baillie, L., Callaghan, D., Smith, M. (2011). Canadian campus smoking policies: investigating the gap between intent and outcome from a student perspective. Journal of American College Health. 59(4): 260-265.
Robinson, C.A., Bottorff, J.L., Smith, M.L., & Sullivan, K.M. (2010). “Just because you’ve got lung cancer, doesn’t mean I will”: Lung cancer, smoking and family dynamics. Journal of Family Nursing. 16(3): 282-301: doi: 10.1177/1074840710370747
Baillie, L.E., Callaghan, D., Smith, M.L., Bottorff, J.L., Bassett-Smith, J.L., Budgen, C.M., & Feddersen, M.A. (2009). A review of undergraduate university tobacco control policy process in Canada, Health Education Research. 24(6):922-929; doi:10.1093/her/cyp026
Bottorff, J.L., Robinson, C.A., Sullivan, K.M., & Smith, M.L. (2009). ”Continued family smoking after lung cancer diagnosis: The patient’s perspective. Oncology Nursing Forum, 36(3), E126-E132.
Baillie, L.E., Lavato, C.Y., Taylor, E., Rutherford, M.B., & Smith, M. (2008). The pit and the pendulum: The impact on teen smokers of including a designated smoking area in school tobacco control policy, Health Education Research. 23(6):1008-1015; doi:10.1093/her/cym003.

LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/michellesmithsonsmith


Adjunct Research Fellow, Indigenous Research Unit, Griffith University, Australia
Associate Member, Institute for Healthy Living and Chronic Disease Prevention, University of British Columbia, Canada


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