Okanagan Cardiovascular & Respiratory Symposium

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The Okanagan Cardiovascular and Respiratory Symposium is a biennial International research meeting run by the Centre for Heart, Lung and Vascular Health in the School of Health and Exercise Sciences at UBC-Okanagan. Since inception in 2014, the symposium has been held at the Silver Star Mountain Resort in British Columbia with the specific agenda to promote excellence in integrative human cardiovascular, respiratory and vascular physiology but with dedicated time for skiing, socializing and networking.
The Okanagan Cardiovascular and Respiratory Symposium invites internationally and nationally leading scientist to give keynote lectures and as symposium speakers at the start of each scientific session. Sessions have a focus on either heart, lung and/or vascular physiology with additional foci on environmental, comparative and exercise physiology. The symposium was designed with a key focus on student research, training and development through supplying opportunity for students to disseminate and discuss their research but also to listen, learn and interact with established researchers in an intimate and supportive environment.
The invited speakers for 2020 are leaders within the disciplines of cardiac, respiratory and vascular physiology with talk topics including environmental physiology, vascular function and regulation, right heart physiology, invasive cardiovascular physiology, respiratory physiology, comparative physiology, systemic and pulmonary pressure regulation, cardiovascular maternal health, autonomic function and cerebrovascular physiology. The depth and sophistication of some of the techniques used and the questions being answered by these scientists makes this small conference a unique and very high-quality symposium that hopes to attract scientists from around the world.