Nutrition Education Centre

Nutrition Education Centre for Health and Exercise Sciences

Located in ARTS 179 This Centre is dedicated to supporting students’ knowledge and skills acquisition in the field of nutrition and nutrition education.  The Centre is set up as a resource for current, research-based information on nutrition that can be accessed by the university community and the community at large to facilitate optimal health for all. The centre is open daily for drop-in hours. The NEC, has nutrition information and teaching tools, resources, handouts, body composition testing equipment and offers assistance with individual nutrition concerns.  Linking with other university groups, such as Health and Wellness, Athletics, residences, Human Resources and other research labs and departments, the NEC facilitates and supports projects, events and research. The Centre connects with community organizations such as Pacific Sport, athletic teams, Interior Health and other health, fitness and recreation organizations, to work as partners in improving the nutrition and health of our community. The Centre currently organizes ongoing programs and events such as PUMPS, BEN (faculty and staff healthy weight program) healthy eating bake sales, campus nutrition tours, Mirrorless Monday, free healthy breakfasts, nutrition newsletters/recipes, workshops, and group/individual nutrition consultations, to name a few. Some of the main nutrition content areas addressed at the centre are:
  • General healthy eating practices
  • Nutrition for chronic disease prevention and management
  • Eating disorders  PUMPS
  • Body composition
  • Sport and exercise nutrition
  • Weight management
  • Bone Health
  • Nutrition resources, research and services
Dr. Sally Stewart, leader of the Nutrition Education Centre, has a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies (nutrition, exercise physiology and health promotion).  She is a Certified Exercise Physiologist through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology and is an Academic Affiliate of Dietitians of Canada and a member of DC’s Sports Nutrition Network and PEN (Practice Based Evidence in Nutrition).  Dr. Stewart continues to be involved in related research, continuing education, numerous conferences, presentations and workshops. She has a passion for improving health and performance through nutrition and is excited about opening the doors of this centre. Dr. Sally Willis-Stewart Senior Instructor and Undergraduate Coordinator Health & Exercise Sciences ART 340 250-807-9684 Senior Instructor and Undergraduate Coordinator Health & Exercise Sciences ART 340 250-807-9684