Senior Instructor

ARTS 158
phone: 2508079684
  • 1997 PhD  Interdisciplinary Studies (Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, Health Promotion) UBC
  • 1989 MA  Nutritional Physiology/Kinanthropometry, UWO
  • 1987  BPE  UBC
  • CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist
  • Academic Affiliate of Dietitians of Canada/IOC Sport Nutrition

  • nutrition and physical activity (education, obesity and eating disorder prevention, chronic disease prevention, sports nutrition and training)
  • health promotion and interdisciplinary approaches to prevention and care through healthy lifestyles
  • bone health, physiology and remodeling.
  • community nutrition, physical activity, health promotion and education
  • health promoting universities/student and faculty health in the classroom and on campus
  • Director; Nutrition Education Centre on campus

Dr. Stewart’s position and focus at UBC is teaching!  Most of the time she can be found teaching nutrition, health promotion and healthy lifestyle courses as well as devoting much time to directed studies and practicum students running programs and research out of her Nutrition Education Center.  She supports her colleagues’ research efforts by bringing her expertise and community connections to research and graduate student committees.  She attends courses and conferences to further her knowledge, both in teaching content areas, as well as in new teaching techniques and skills to bring to the classroom.  She challenges her students to apply course content to practical situations in the community.  Dr. Stewart is passionate about improving the classroom environment and the health of students and faculty to facilitate academic success.  This is the focus of her current educational leadership and teaching research projects.


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