Welcome to PUMPS

Prevention, Understanding, Motivation, Power and Skills to Heal

We want to help you, a friend or family member that may be challenged with disordered eating or excessive exercise behaviours. PUMPS is an education, awareness and support program offered through the Nutrition Education Centre in the School of Health and Exercise Sciences at UBC Okanagan campus. Drs. Sally Willis-Stewart and Mary Jung are dedicated to this initiative along with the support of other experts on campus and in the community.



Our Nutrition Education Centre is located in ART 179 and has numerous handouts, pamphlets, books, videos and other resources for you to take or sign out for reading and viewing. Hours of operation TBA and will be posted on the centre door.

Awareness and Education

Drs. Willis-Stewart and Jung are available for discussions to help educate and refer with prevention and healing in mind. Your phone calls and emails are confidential. Please call before your situation worsens. If you would like to be added to the list for the proposed support group, please let us know.
Dr. Sally Willis-Stewart sally.willis-stewart@ubc.ca 250-807-9684
Dr. Mary Jung mary.jung@ubc.ca 250-807-9670
Additional resources:  UBCO Health and Wellness UBCO Health and Wellness; Kelty Mental Health and Kelowna CMHA Accepting our bodies support group   jayme.metzger@cmha.bc.ca “University life may be a breeding ground for eating disorders” • 90% of those with eating disorders are women between 12-25 years old • Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness • 25% of college-aged women engage in bingeing and purging as a weight management technique • College women aged 18-21 have higher rates of bulimia than those not in college • Of those with lifelong eating disorders, 53% say their eating disorder first emerged during college

Program Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer education, support, and hope to students affected by disordered eating and compulsive exercise. We aim to encourage prevention by helping people understand eating disorders and the importance of healthy attitudes towards body image, eating and physical activity.

Program Vision

Our vision is to create a sustainable resource centre and program that offers accessible and helpful support and education services for early intervention and recovery to students affected by disordered eating and/or compulsive exercise behaviours. We want to facilitate a campus community that supports the prevention of eating disorders by promoting healthy lifestyle, positive body image and self

Advisory Board

Dr. Susan Holtzman – Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, UBC Okanagan campus Christina Camilleri – RD, Vernon Eating Disorder Program Dolores Elliot – Director, Looking Glass Foundation Kelowna Eating Disorder Program team

Program Assistants

School of Health and Exercise Sciences Master’s students School of Health and Exercise Sciences practicum students working under the advice of Dr. Sally Willis-Stewart