Human Kinetics

Explore the study and practice of human health and movement, and its impact on quality of life. Help people lead healthier, more active lives.

What You Need to Know

Human Kinetics

Why study Human Kinetics at UBC’s Okanagan campus?

Hands-on learning: Skill-building labs, practicum, and Co-op placements are the cornerstone of our curriculum. Build a broad foundation for career potential. Research connections: Measuring the effects of oxygen deprivation, building a better sports helmet, creating a better fitness app—these are just some of the topics renowned Human Kinetics faculty and researchers are exploring. Choices: Branch out after your second year in one of two concentrations: Clinical Exercise Physiology or Health Promotion. Career opportunities Satisfy the growing demand for professionals who can research and promote effective health strategies. Our graduates find opportunities in private enterprise, health care, and government fields. Student networks: Join the Human Kinetics Student Union to build friendships, get involved in advocacy and gain better access to career resources. Community engagement: Build your own collaborative network with regional and global partners in the Go Global or Co-op program.

Program Details

Complete your UBC degree in Human Kinetics, a discipline focused on the biophysical and psychosocial dimensions of human movement. The first two years of study are common to each stream of concentration, with your major determined at the start of the third year. The Clinical Exercise Physiology concentration focuses on incorporating exercise, activity education, and skills into patient rehabilitation and chronic disease recovery programs. The program focuses on the advanced study of applied physiology and how exercise, movement, and fitness intersect with disease, fatigue, and disability. The program can lead to careers as kinesiologists, exercise therapists, clinical exercise physiologists, and personal trainers, among others. The Health Promotion concentration involves studying the concepts of active living and lifestyle management in individuals and communities. This concentration focuses on the role of nutrition, exercise programs, and informal activity in population health promotion. Potential careers include health promotion program officers, health-care consultants, corporate health programmers, health educators, lifestyle coaches, and active living coordinators. ‘Human Kinetics’ or ‘Kinesiology’? Different universities use different terms when referring to similar programs. “Human Kinetics” and “Kinesiology” are often used interchangeably when referring to programs that offer the study of human movement and health sciences.


UBC Okanagan’s Human Kinetics program emphasizes interdisciplinary and interprofessional approaches to the study of physical activity and health. The curriculum gives students a common foundational knowledge, as well as the opportunity to complement their choice of specialization with courses of personal interest. Sample courses (Clinical Exercise Physiology):
  • HMKN 101 – Biomechanics
  • HMKN 203 – Lifespan Physical and Motor Development
  • HMKN 335 – Pathophysiology
Sample courses (Community Health Promotion):
  • HEAL 200 – Determinants of Health
  • HMKN 323 – Introduction to Nutrition
  • HMKN 431 – Exercise Rehabilitation for Clinical Disorders of Aging
Click here to browse Human Kinetics (HMKN) and Health Studies (HEAL) courses and descriptions.

Degree Options

The Bachelor of Human Kinetics (BHK) is a 120-credit degree program, with third- and fourth-year concentrations in Clinical Exercise Physiology and Health Promotion. Bachelor of Human Kinetics (BHK)
  • The Clinical Exercise Physiology concentration focuses on incorporating exercise and activity education and skills into patient rehabilitation and recovery programs for the management of chronic diseases.
  • The Health Promotion concentration involves studying the concepts of active living and lifestyle management in individuals and communities.
In addition to the two streams of study available, the School of Health and Exercise Sciences offers a Co-op Program and Undergraduate Honours Program.


  • English 12 or English 12 First Peoples
  • Biology 12
  • Principles of Mathematics 12 or Pre-Calculus 12
  • One other approved Grade 12 course
Required, but not included in the calculation of the average of admission:
  • Chemistry 11 or Physics 11
For all admission requirements, see Refer to the Academic Calendar for admission requirements for entry into Human Kinetics.

Deadlines and Fees

Application Deadlines Check out for important deadlines and other target dates. Tuition Fees Add it up with the cost calculator.

How to Apply

Apply to UBC at — there are just five steps in the application process. Soon you could be studying at one of the world’s top universities. Check out the steps to apply to UBC, and be sure to choose “Okanagan campus.” Or let our Student Recruitment & Advising experts guide you: call 1-877-807-8521.


Your Career Options

Find opportunities in private enterprise, health care and government with an undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics studies. A UBC degree is respected by employers around the globe. Career options range from nutritionist to kinesiologist to human resources health promotion.



Occupations (with a clincial emphasis)

  • Chronic disease rehabilitator/rehabilitation specialist
  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Exercise therapist or trainer
  • Kinesiologist
  • Medical doctor/sports medicine*
  • Nutritionist*
  • Occupational/recreational therapist*
  • Physical therapist*
  • Rehabilitation Program Director

Occupations (with an emphasis on health-promotion)

  • Health & Social Policy Director
  • Health & Wellness/Return to Work Coordinator
  • Life Coach (nutrition & fitness)
  • Managers/coordinator in community centres
  • Program coordinator (e.g. Parks & Recreation Dept.)
  • Public Health Director
*Additional education or certification may be required for some fields and occupations (e.g. completion of association registration, a professional program, or other specialized studies).

Potential Employers

  • Hospitals and primary health care settings
  • Post-secondary education institutions
  • Sport governing bodies
  • Sports and fitness centres
  • Regional health authorities
  • Rehabilitation and occupational health departments
  • Professional and amateur sport organizations
  • Governmental departments and organizations
  • Community, social, and correctional services
  • Government services (for example, penitentiaries, outpost nursing, the foreign service, the Canadian Armed Forces)
  • Educational institutions

Future Studies

UBC Okanagan offers Master’s and PhD Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies (IGS) programs in which students may have a Health and Exercise Sciences faculty member as their primary supervisor.


Meet Your Peers and Profs

Find out what students, faculty, and alumni have to say about UBC Okanagan’s Human Kinetics program:

Zuwena Haji Machana, Student

“At UBC, I changed the way I think.”

Student Profile Image

Mary Jung, Professor

“My goal is to mobilize knowledge and make it accessible.”

Student Profile Image

Roslyn Huber, Alum

“This program’s organizers are always looking for ways to make the university experience better.”


Enhanced Learning

Your learning experiences take flight outside of the classroom. Join like-minded students, study abroad, and conduct meaningful research.

Beyond the Classroom

    • Build your own collaborative network with regional and global partners in the HES Co-op Program, which formally integrates a student’s academic studies with valuable, relevant, paid kinesiology related work with approved work sector organizations.
    • Whether you’re working with active, clinical, or other populations, a certification can enhance your degree and experience.
  • Meet a community need and get practical experience by volunteering for a community service learning project—a life-changing experience.

Travel and Learn

  • Go Global is a UBC program for exchange and study abroad with more than 200 partner universities and institutions worldwide.

Undergraduate Research

  • The BHK Honours Program enables high-achieving students in Health and Exercise Sciences to gain additional research experience through the completion of an honours thesis.

Community Engagement

  • Fourth-year students from the School of Health and Exercise Sciences are extending the walls of their classrooms into the community with Practicum & Co-op placements.


The UBC Okanagan Experience

Welcome to UBC Okanagan, a state-of-the-art research and learning centre, purpose-built for the 21st century. Experience a friendly campus community that neighbours the dynamic city of Kelowna and the Valley’s natural environments.

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