Chris McNeil

Associate Professor

School of Health and Exercise Sciences
Other Titles: Graduate Program Coordinator
Office: Art 133
Phone: 250.807.9664

Graduate student supervisor

Research Summary

McNeil's program of research uses an integrative approach to investigate the performance and plasticity (adaptability) of the human neuromuscular system.

Courses & Teaching

HMKN 415 – Muscle Fatigue



Postdoctoral Fellowship – Neuroscience Research Australia
Ph.D. – The University of Western Ontario
B.Ed. – The University of Western Ontario
B.Sc. – The University of Western Ontario

Research Interests & Projects

I use an integrative approach to study the performance and adaptability of the human neuromuscular system.  My interests include acute interventions such as muscle fatigue or hypoxia and chronic perturbations such as aging, training or disease. Please visit the website for my lab (Integrative Neuromuscular Physiology Lab) to learn more about:

  • my program of research
  • the experimental techniques used in the lab
  • educational opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students
  • how to get involved as a research participant.

Selected Publications & Presentations

Since 2019 (* indicates supervised trainee)

*Magnuson J, McNeil CJ (2021). Low-frequency neural activity at rest is correlated with the movement-related cortical potentials elicited during both real and imagined movements. Neuroscience Letters. 742:e135530

*Bruce CD, *Ruggiero L, *Dix GU, *Cotton PD, McNeil CJ (In Press). Females and males do not differ for fatigability, muscle damage and magnitude of the repeated-bout effect following eccentric contractions. Accepted by Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism on September 8, 2020. doi:10.1139/apnm-2020-0516

McKeown D, McNeil CJ, Simmonds MJ, Kavanagh JJ (In Press). Time-course of neuromuscular responses to acute hypoxia during voluntary contractions. Accepted by Experimental Physiology on August 26, 2020. doi:10.1139/EP088887

*Yacyshyn AF, *Huculak RB, McNeil CJ (2020). The inclusion of interstimulus interval variability does not mitigate electrically-evoked fatigue of the knee extensors. European Journal of Applied Physiology. 120(12):2649-2656

*Yacyshyn AF, McNeil CJ (2020). Electrically-evoked force loss of the knee extensors is equivalent for young and old females and males. Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism. 45(11):1270-1276

*Yacyshyn AF, McNeil CJ (2020). The sexes do not differ for neural responses to submaximal elbow extensor fatigue. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 52(9):1992-2001

Jakobi JM, Kuzyk SL, McNeil CJ, Dalton BH, Power GA (2020). Motor unit contributions to activation reduction and torque steadiness following active lengthening: A study of residual torque enhancement. Journal of Neurophysiology. 123(6):2209-2216

*Kennefick M, McNeil CJ, Burma JS, Copeland PV, van Donkelaar P, Dalton BH (2020). Modulation of vestibular-evoked responses in the upper and lower limb prior to simple and complex movements. Experimental Brain Research. 238(4):869-881

Copithorne DB, Rice CL, McNeil CJ (2020). The effect of blood flow on corticospinal excitability during sustained low-intensity isometric elbow flexion. Journal of Neurophysiology. 123(3):1113-1119

*Yacyshyn AF, Kuzyk SL, Jakobi JM, McNeil CJ (2020). The effect of forearm position on cortical and spinal excitability during a submaximal force steadiness task of the elbow flexors. Journal of Neurophysiology. 123(2):522-528

*Ruggiero L, Hoiland RL, Hansen AB, Ainslie PN, McNeil CJ (2020). High-altitude acclimatization improves recovery from muscle fatigue. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 52(1):161-169

Temesi J, Vernillo G, Martin M, Kruger RL, McNeil CJ, Millet GY (2019). Sustained maximal voluntary contractions elicit different neurophysiological changes in upper- and lower-limb muscles in men. Neuroscience. 422:88-98

*Kennefick M, Burma JS, van Donkelaar P, McNeil CJ (2019). The time course of motoneuron excitability during the preparation of complex movements. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. 31(6):781-790

*Ruggiero L, *Bruce CD, *Cotton PD, *Dix GU, McNeil CJ (2019). Prolonged low-frequency force depression is underestimated when assessed with doublets compared to tetani in the dorsiflexors. Journal of Applied Physiology. 126(5):1352-1359

*Kennefick M, Burma JS, van Donkelaar P, McNeil CJ (2019). Corticospinal excitability is enhanced while preparing for complex movements. Experimental Brain Research. 237(3):829-837

Sypkes CT, Contento V, Bent LR, McNeil CJ, Power GA (2019). Central contributions to torque depression: an antagonist perspective. Experimental Brain Research. 237(2):443-452

*Ruggiero L, McNeil CJ (2019). Supraspinal fatigue and neural-evoked responses in Lowlanders and Sherpa at 5050m. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 51(1):183-192

For a complete list of my publications, visit PubMed at the following link:


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