Sensorimotor Neuroscience and Neuromuscular Physiology

Research to advance our understanding of neural and mechanical contributions to the control of human movement and balance

Researchers within this team use diverse models of study (e.g., aging, fatigue, injury and disease) to investigate cognitive and neuromuscular function. It is the shared goal of the researchers to produce findings that will improve or restore physical function in health and disease.

Mission: The Sensorimotor neuroscience and neuromuscular physiologygroup aims to develop a strong collaborative research program in the field of adult aging, with a focus on the origins of neurological insults. This work will specifically examine balance and falls, fatigue and overall motor behaviour/function across the adult lifespan.

What we do

  • Investigate the neurophysiological mechanisms underlying human movement and balance to identify the origins of functional impairments across the lifespan
  • Examine disruptions to sensorimotor and cognitive function resulting from traumatic brain injury
  • Identify sex-specific neuromuscular adaptations that contribute to alterations in functional movement with age
  • Study acute and chronic plasticity at the level of the brain, spinal cord, and muscle


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