Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology

Research to advance an understanding of the causes, consequences, and treatment of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

This group performs research from basic molecular and cellular sciences, through integrative systems physiology and translational sciences into population health with the ultimate goal of preventing, treating and improving the health of individuals and populations.

Mission: The Cardiovascular and respiratory physiology group proposed two overarching aims: 1) To investigate novel mechanisms and interventions that generate new approaches to improve respiratory and cardiovascular health across the lifespan; and, 2) To understand the isolated, and combined effects of impact of environmental stress on physiological function.

What we do

  • Establish and sustain cutting-edge research programs directed at understanding the mechanisms of cardiovascular, respiratory and cerebrovascular diseases
  • Develop partnership and collaborations to increase research across the spectrums of disciplines in cardiovascular, respiratory and cerebrovascular sciences
  • Provide world-class training and employment opportunities


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