We generate knowledge that improves our understanding of the environmental challenges and mechanisms that impact health, with the goal of informing and translating interventions that prevent, manage, and treat chronic disease across the lifespan.
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From brain injuries and vascular health, to diabetes prevention and healthy aging, our centres and labs are where our researchers examine, investigate and discover. Explore our spaces

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Priority Areas

Health research can touch our lives in many ways. It helps prevent and manage disease, reduce changes of injury, and provide the best treatment. Our researchers are dedicated to making new discoveries that improve health for individuals and populations. The span of research activities within the School is broadly encapsulated under three overarching thematic areas, and in addition, there are a small number of faculty who conduct research that sit between these areas. Each area has identified key aims below to help the School achieve its mission.

Sensorimotor neuroscience and neuromuscular physiology

UBC is helping reshape our understanding of the mechanisms responsible for motor behaviour across the adult lifespan.


Cardiovascular and respiratory physiology

Through innovative research into the causes, consequences and treatment of cardiovascular, pulmonary and cerebrovascular diseases, our UBC faculty are working to produce and disseminate internationally leading research.


Health Behaviour Change

Our researchers are playing a key role in reshaping how we manage  and prevent chronic disease through innovative stakeholder engagement and knowledge mobilization.


Research in Focus

Meet our researchers and find out what they’re working on.

Rob Shave


From international animal sanctuaries to exercise and rehabilitation labs in British Columbia, UBCO cardiovascular researchers are examining heart disease and associated conditions, like stroke. Their collaborations are confirming what we already know: the heart matters.

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Kathleen Martin Ginis

SCI Action Canada

New research about physical activity is helping to improve the lives of people with spinal cord injuries. Led by professor Kathleen Martin Ginis, the team collaboration is in action, helping Canadians live more meaningful lives.

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Integrative Neuromuscular Physiology Lab

One of UBC Okanagan’s most complex, collaborative research projects evaluated pilot fatigue to help keep fire-fighting pilots safe on the job. With a key partner, Conair, the diverse research team – including Paul van Donkelaar and Chris McNeil, analyzed performance metrics for aerial firefighters.

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