The School of Health and Exercise Sciences has a sustained record of research published in scholarly journals.

The FHSD Health and Exercise Sciences faculty are committed to building research partnerships with individuals involved in all levels of health and human movement research, health service provision, and community based health promotion initiatives.  Our interdisciplinary research programs provide rich opportunities for research training for undergraduate, masters and PhD students.

Research is a vital activity within the School of Health and Exercise Sciences.  Here in our school you will find:

  • World-class researchers and labs
  • Close knit community with impressive faculty-student ratio
  • Network of institutional and industry partners
  • Interdisciplinary opportunity with other UBC faculties, departments, and research institutes

Our faculty members are experienced in the supervision and dissertations at both Master and Doctoral levels.

Every year our school attracts outstanding students to our world-class academic environment. The school enhances the quality and breadth of the graduate experience by developing and implementing learning pathways across various careers which allow individualization and flexibility.