Neil Eves


Centre for Heart, Lung & Vascular Health, School of Health and Exercise Sciences
Other Titles: Co-Director, Centre for Heart, Lung & Vascular Health

Graduate student supervisor

Research Summary

Eve's primary research interests are in the integrative aspects of pulmonary, cardiac and vascular physiology and how the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems can be manipulated to optimally improve the health of individuals with chronic respiratory disease.


Research Interests & Projects

My laboratory focuses on better understanding basic mechanistic physiology using a variety of different techniques before designing novel interventions to try to modify disease state. We are currently performing research under four specific focuses that are directly related to the long-term goal of the laboratory:

  • To examine the effect of respiratory and cardiovascular disease on pulmonary, vascular and cardiac structure and function and how changes to these systems mediate adverse symptoms and exercise intolerance.
  • To determine the acute and chronic effects of exercise on airway and systemic inflammation in patients with COPD.
  • To explore the mechanisms responsible for the accelerated progression of cardiovascular disease in COPD and to investigate the role of exercise in reversing vascular and cardiac dysfunction.
  • To investigate practical but highly effective, novel approaches to exercise training that can be used to optimize the effectiveness of rehabilitation for individuals with chronic respiratory disease.

Selected Publications & Presentations

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