Community engagement is about the power of relationships. When people come together it is possible to create positive, significant and lasting differences in communities.

Experiential Learning Partners


Active Practicum Experiences


Community-engaged Projects

Priority Areas

Community Engagement is a core commitment of the School. Our School thrives on creating meaningful partnerships with communities, organizations, and businesses across the region and around the world.


Community-Engaged Research

The School engages in collaborative processes between researchers and communities to develop research projects that are responsive to community needs.


Public Engagement

Outreach is an important part of our work. The School is dedicated to participating in activities that engage the public.


Community Partnership

We are proud to partner with our community to advance collaborative opportunities. Our community partners are central to the research and teaching activities within the School.


Our School is committed to offering programs that positively impact the community.

Small Steps for Big Changes is a lifestyle counselling program that can help people make lasting dietary and exercise changes in order to lower their risk of developing type 2 diabetes in the future. The primary purpose of Small Steps for Big Changes is to help you make changes to your exercise and diet and to stick to these changes long-term.

Small Steps for Big Changes


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