Assistant Professor

ART 133
phone: 2508079664
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship – Neuroscience Research Australia (supervisors: Prof. Simon Gandevia and Dr. Janet Taylor)
  • Ph.D. – The University of Western Ontario (Kinesiology; supervisor: Dr. Charles Rice)
  • B.Ed. – The University of Western Ontario (Intermediate-Senior Physical & Health Education and General Science)
  • B.Sc. – The University of Western Ontario (Kinesiology)


I use an integrative approach to study the performance and adaptability of the human neuromuscular system.  My interests include acute interventions such as muscle fatigue or conditioning stimuli and chronic perturbations such as aging, training or disease. Please visit the website for my lab (Integrative Neuromuscular Physiology Lab) to learn more about:

  • my program of research
  • the experimental techniques used in the lab
  • educational opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students
  • how to get involved as a research participant.

At present, I teach the following three undergraduate courses:

  • HMKN 101 – Biomechanics
  • HMKN 315 – Laboratory Techniques in Sensorimotor Neuroscience
  • HMKN 415 – Muscle Fatigue


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For a complete list of my publications, visit PubMed at the following link: