Practicum Placement Course FAQs

When can students register for this course? When they are entering their 4th year of the B.H.K.  program. Can a student complete more than one practicum? A student can complete up to 2 placements (6 credits total of HMKN 401 and HMKN 402). What are the practicum term options for students? Term options are as follow
  • Term 1 (Sept-Dec)
  • Term 2 (Jan-April)
  • Term 3 (May-June only)
You must contact Rebecca Frechette (in ART 376) to express interest in being force registered for practicum in a given term. Each term, the deadline to express interest to Rebecca to register for HMKN 401 is 2 months prior to the term start date. For example, if you are a 4th year student who is planning to take HMKN 401 in Term 1 (Sept.-Dec. 2017), you will need to contact Rebecca by July 6, 2017 as the first day of classes for Term 1 is Sept. 6, 2017. Is HMKN 401 a numerically graded course? HMKN 401 and 402 will appear as regular courses on your transcript though the P/F grade will appear in a different column than graded classes. Since it is a non-numerical grade, it will not impact your GPA in any way. What types of placements are available for students? Students have been placed in the following areas:
  • Clinical rehabilitation settings with physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, kinesiologists, chiropractors, diagnostic technicians, dentists and dietitians.
  • Sports organizations with physiotherapists, athletic trainers, physicians and strength and conditioning specialists
  • Public and private educational settings with elementary and secondary students
  • Fitness/sport and rehabilitation organizations working with individuals with special needs
  • Health promotion settings with non-profit organizations
  • Fitness organizations with exercise professionals
  • Sport administration settings
Who do I contact for more information about the Community Placement Experience course? The Placement Coordinator is Rebecca Frechette, who can be reached by email at, phone at 250-807-9565 or drop by her office ART 337.