Undergraduate Research

Develop your research skills with the completion of a 3- or 6- credit research project under the supervision of a expert in the field.

Research opportunity for undergraduate students is a fundamental part of the learning experience within the School of Health and Exercise Sciences. Through a Project in Human Kinetics (HES 490), students engage with the process of research firsthand.

Students are accepted each year based on compatibility with interests of potential supervisors. Details and application information are typically sent out directly to students throughout the year, including information on deadlines. Students must meet the following requirements to apply:

  • Completion of HES 240 & HES 340

Students must meet the following requirements to graduate:

  • All general program requirements for the BHK or BHES degree;
  • Satisfy all course requirements for chosen area of concentration;
  • Final grades should be submitted by the supervising faculty member, and students must receive a passing grade.

Visit the Faculty directory for the full list of supervisors.

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  1. Students should contact an appropriate HES faculty member to discuss their proposal, faculty expectations, completion date, and evaluation. It is highly suggested that this be done at least 3-4 months prior to the expected enrollment.
  2. Once a verbal arrangement has been made, the student should present the proposal, in writing, to the supervising faculty member. For the HES 490 contract (see Student forms) should then be signed by the supervising faculty member and the student.
  3. Once the Contract has been signed, the student will be registered by emailing the signed contract (both supervisor and student) to the School Assistant (hes.undergrad@ubc.ca).

Student Contact

Email: hes.undergrad@ubc.ca