Honours Thesis

Your opportunity to engage in research under the supervision of an expert in the field.

Complete a substantive research project over the course of an academic year under the supervision of a faculty member. Students can conduct a project in biological, natural, or social science research focused on health sciences.

Students will learn the theoretical, technical, analytical, and communication skills needed to address knowledge gaps in their areas of expertise by designing and conducting original research of suitable quality to present at conferences and for publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Admission of students to the Honours Thesis will be on a competitive basis. A limited number of students will be accepted each year based on compatibility with research interests of potential supervisors and supervisor availability. Further details and application are typically sent out directly to students in March including information on deadlines.

This program will follow a mentorship model. Admission requires a faculty member’s agreement to act as a research supervisor.

Students must meet the following requirements to apply:

  • Fourth-year standing;
  • Minimum weighted average of 80% from all Human Kinetics courses;
  • Minimum weighted average of 80% over the last 60 credits;
  • Acceptance by a supervisor approved by the Director;
  • Completion of HMKN 205 (Methods of Data Analysis) and HMKN 206 (Health Research Methods) with a minimum grade of 80% in each.
  • All general program requirements for the BHK degree;
  • Satisfy all course requirements for chosen area of concentration;
  • HMKN 449: Honours Thesis (6 credits)
  • Full Professors: Phil Ainslie, Gordon Binsted, Paul van Donkelaar, Kathleen Martin Ginis, Neil Eves, Alison McManus, Jennifer Jakobi
  • Associate Professors: Glen Foster, Mary Jung, Jonathan Little, Chris McNeil
  • Assistant Professors: Brian Dalton, Heather Gainforth, Colin Reid
  • Instructors*:  Greg DuManoir, Tanya Forneris,  Zoe Soon, Sally Willis-Stewart, John Sasso
    *Instructors are eligible to serve as supervisors of students enrolled in the Honours Program provided that the research topic is related to educational leadership.
  1. Students should contact an appropriate HMKN faculty member to discuss a potential project, faculty expectations, completion date, and evaluation. It is highly suggested that this be done at least 3-4 months prior to the expected enrollment. Enrollment occurs in June of each year.
  2. Complete the Honour’s application form (see Student forms) should then be signed by the supervising faculty member and the student.
  3. Once the Contract has been signed, the student will be registered by emailing the signed contract (both supervisor and student) to the School Assistant (carli.tingstad@ubc.ca).

Student Contact

Tanya Forneris
Email: tanya.forneris@ubc.ca
Tel: 250.807.9569
Office: ARTS 341