NSERC Undergraduate Research Award

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) subsidizes eligible professors to hire students to work on their research projects. The program creates interesting research-related jobs and gives you the opportunity to gain valuable work experience. Deadline to apply for NSERC USRA is generally in February of each year. 

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How to apply?

Step 1: Contact and discuss your interest with a faculty member (eligible faculty members include Dr. Phil Ainslie, Dr. Brian Dalton, Dr. Neil Eves, Dr. Glen Foster, Dr. Jennifer Jakobi, Dr. Jonathan Little, Dr. Ali McManus, Dr. Chris McNeil, Dr. Robert Shave, Dr. Paul van Donkelaar. See Faculty contacts).

Step 2: Once you have a commitment from a faculty member to support your application begin the application, in consultation with the faculty member. Both Project Supervisors and students must complete and submit an NSERC USRA application Form 202 (student) and Part II (supervisor), by clicking on “System Login” or, if you are a first time user, “Register”.  Forward your reference number to the supervisor so they can include it in their part of the application.

Step 3: Email your complete application (Part I and Part II of Form 202 and PDF of transcript) to hes.undergrad@ubc.ca