Pre-Practicum Requirements

STEP 1: Attend the spring 2018 term information session on Wed. January 17 at 10:30am in ART 106. STEP 2: Create a UBC email address. It will end with even though you are not an alumnus yet!  Click here to create email. STEP 3: Register with KOPS KOPS logo full med border Note: You must have a UBC email address to register. Once registered with KOPS, students can:
  • Browse potential placement opportunities
  • Update registration details and profile information
  • Upload your resume
  • Upload your grades from SSC
You will be contacted by email once your application has been accepted. STEP 4: CPR-C Certification – bring current CPR card to ART 360 OR take a photo and email to with subject line: Practicum CPR Proof * Must be current within 12 months of course start date.  There will be an option to take a CPR-C course here on campus at the end of March and another mid-April. STEP 5: UBC Student Accident Insurance – purchase online STEP 6: Criminal Record Check – complete online application at You will need to enter the following access code: YG53WDCF8T If you cannot complete this application online, please go see Carli in ART 360 to complete a manual application.

Did you know?

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Step 1

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Step 2

You can view the progress of your KOPS registration! 1. Click on ‘Check My Registration Progress’ 2. Select the most recent entry 3. View progress Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 3.27.58 PM