Pre-Practicum Requirements

STEP 1: Attend practicum information session (April 12, 2018). If unable to attend and you wish to register for HMKN 401 term 1 or 2 please email                                                                                                                                                                           STEP 2: Create a UBC email address. It will end with even though you are not an alumnus yet!  Click here to create email. STEP 3: Complete HMKN 401 Canvas Access Form (TO BE SUBMITTED BY JUNE 1, 2018 to be force registered for term 1 or 2)
  • Within 10 days you will have access to the HMKN 401 canvas course
STEP 4: Log-in to Canvas and Complete the Pre-Practicum Requirements
  • CPR-C Certification – upload onto Canvas (Practicum CPR Proof * Must be current within 12 months of course start date. There will be an option to take a CPR-C course here on campus.)
  • UBC Student Accident Insurance – purchase online
  • Criminal Record Check – complete online application at You will need to enter the following access code: YG53WDCF8T. If you cannot complete this application online, please go see in ART 360 to complete a manual application.