PhD Fellowships

The Stober Foundation PhD Fellowship Program has been established as a catalyst for excellence in health-related research and student training within the School of Health and Exercise Sciences at UBC’s Okanagan campus.

The Stober Foundation PhD Fellowship program funds four, four-year PhD Fellowships within the School of Health and Exercise Science. The Fellowships will begin in 2021  with the generous support of $25,000/year for four years for four exceptional trainees in the PhD in Kinesiology program at UBC Okanagan. The Stober Foundation PhD Fellowship is designed to strengthen world-class health research taking place in the Okanagan.


Meet the Fellows

Paige Copeland

“My proposed research studies are centred around exploring and understanding the effects of acute cannabis use on the healthy, human neuromuscular system. Specifically, I will focus on how cannabis affects human standing balance, an important aspect of activities of daily living”.

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Ali Daraei

“My project will help to determine if exogenous ketone supplementation and/or a ketogenic diet can have therapeutic benefits for COPD”.


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Azize Nur Yildirim

“This project aims to assess the effectiveness of the diabetes prevention program at a broad scale by focusing on understanding the fundamental difficulties of lifestyle changes from the participant’s point of view”.

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Alexander Paish

“I believe that in order to create the greatest benefit for people living with COPD, we must better understand activity-induced fatigue to create holistic treatments to enhance functional independence.”