Alexander Ciok, SURF 2023

Human Kinetics (Clinical Exercise Physiology)

Supervisor: Dr. Jenn jakobi

Investigating the role of sex-related differences in force output control in older adults.


Awards and Scholarships

  • President’s Honour Roll 2020
  • NSERC USRA 2020-2022


  • National Lifeguard 2016-present
  • Standard First Aid + CPR/C 2015-present

“Hi, my name’s Alex; although I’m originally from Surrey, BC, I spent a considerable portion of my life in the rural village of Paprotno, Poland. As an avid skateboarder, snowboarder, swimmer, and programmer, I am deeply invested in being able to maintain a level of motor control that will allow me to pursue my hobbies for as long as possible. This interested has fostered my passion in intersecting the fields of healthy ageing, computer programming and neuroscience. I aspire to translate my knowledge of the nervous system and programming to develop rehabilitative brain computer interfacing (BCI) technologies that will enhance the motor control of older adults and people with movement disorders.

The project I am currently undertaking is important as it addresses the literature gap on sex-specific mechanisms contributing to the larger functional decline experienced by older females. Although older females have longer lifespans, their ability to perform activities of daily living declines at a greater rate than males and this contributed to decreased quality of life. This project will investigate the force control of older adults and will aim to address the mechanisms underlying its accelerated decline in older females.”

To the Stober Foundation

“I would like to thank the Stober Foundation for enabling me to visit and conduct research at UBCO as an undergraduate student. Not only does this award catalyze pivotal research efforts, it enables students, like myself to gain experiences in a different lab, and Institution while exploring and discovering the beauty of Kelowna in the Summer.”