Justin Monteleone, SURF 2023

Human Kinetics (Clinical Exercise Physiology)

Supervisor:  DR. Phil Ainslie

Investigating the mechanisms of exercise and fasting to improve brain health

“I am lucky to have grown up and currently live in Kelowna, BC. While growing up, I was fortunate to play in a variety of team and individual sports, so pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in the Health and Exercise Sciences program here at UBC Okanagan was a natural choice for me. Following the completion of my Bachelor’s degree, I would like to enrol in a Master’s degree in human physiology research. Exercise and physical activity have always been a strong passion of mine, so enhancing my understanding of the human body during exercise and different stressors has become my academic goal.

One of the research studies I am assisting with data collection on, is investigating the mechanisms of exercise and fasting to improve brain health. The effects of fasting and exercise on cognitive and exercise performance are not fully understood and established. Specifically, it is important to understand what beneficial proteins can improve brain resilience and cognitive function during aging and in people with brain diseases. During the summer, I hope to learn more about all the steps required in the research process from formulating a research question, data collection through to conference presentations and manuscript publications.”

To the Stober Foundation

“I would like to send my sincerest thank you to the Stober Foundation for the chance to learn and practice research in Kelowna. This amazing opportunity for me would not be possible without the generous support of the Stober Foundation Undergraduate Research Fellowships.”