Kate Crosby, SURF 2021

Human Kinetics (Clinical Exercise Physiology)
Expected Graduation: April 2023

Supervisor: Dr. Jennifer Jakobi

Working to understand the social and physical needs of older adults to optimize active and healthy aging at home

Awards and Scholarships
● Deputy Vice-Chancellor Scholarship, 2020

“Understanding social and physical supports for aging will benefit older adults by allowing them to stay in the comfort of their own home and maintain a level of independence. This research will further our understanding of how to optimize active and healthy aging at home. From these projects I will gain experience in lab-based research, involving both physiological and social study in gerontology. Having experience in various research topics and types will help me to find the research that I am most interested in pursuing in graduate school.

In my project I will support the ‘Aging-In-Place’ research cluster by evaluating 100 community-dwelling older adults, plus a self-selected close other who cares about their ‘partners’ health. Data from Statistic Canada has shown that the majority of Canadian older adults are now online, with minimal to no differences in use between individuals in rural and urban areas. This recent transition to increased online use enhances communications, access to medical care and facilitates research into this vulnerable population. The focus of the ‘Aging-in-Place’ research cluster is to assist older adults by developing evidence-based, in-home self-management support and assistive technologies to remain independent at-home. My work will help understand social supports for aging by identifying effective strategies for older adults, with the help of a close other, overcome obstacles health behaviors. Alongside this I will assist with a systematic review evaluating fear of falls, and locations of falls in the home to better understand physical supports for fall prevention in independence living older adults.”

To the Stober Foundation

“I would like to say thank you to the Stober Foundation for giving me this amazing research opportunity to understand supports for aging in order to optimize active and healthy living at home. “